Designed in France, PetitQ men’s underwear is a super sexy collection that really pushes the button. Combining innovative design with the need to be seen, typical PetitQ men’s underwear styles include Bikinis, Trunks, asymmetrical Jockstraps, sheer Briefs with extra leg straps, bulge-boosting Boxer Briefs and even a Thong style that features only a front pouch. Guys who like to show off their bodies will love the sexy Harnesses, risqué styles of PetitQ men’s underwear. Check for availability in your size here: Size S/M, Size L/XL, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

PetitQ (99)

PetitQ PQ180801 Cornay Harness Color Black

$ 23.79$ 27.98

PetitQ PQ180603 Bodysuit Aubin Color Black

$ 27.56$ 32.43

PetitQ PQ180310 Ball Lifter Protuder Color Black

$ 14.47$ 17.03

PetitQ PQ180802 Mery Harness Color Black

$ 21.04$ 24.75

PetitQ PQ180614 Harness Borvo Racer Color Black

$ 20.08$ 23.63

PetitQ PQ171012 Open Thongs Color Black

$ 17.28$ 20.33

PetitQ PQ170912 Lasso Thongs Color Blue

$ 18.21$ 21.43

PetitQ PQ180104 Thongs Ornex Color Green

$ 20.08$ 23.63

PetitQ PQ170705 Biez Thongs Color Black

$ 16.34$ 19.23