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Big Curvy Bodies deserve a chance to look amazingly hot and here you have a guide into our new plus size underwear collection

Let’s be honest about this, we love what underwear models look like and we want to buy that pair of boxers after we seeing a very attractive image of a perfect body wearing them, but let's face it, once you have the pair you ordered and waited so eagerly, you realize that they won't look the same on you, and you can't help but feel a bit disappointed that you didn't make a more successful purchase. Especially if you have a curvy body.

Candyman is looking for offering you the best underwear for men with a different experience in that issue. We incorporated PLUS SIZES to our collection. The reason? Big bodies can also feel sexy and wear amazing designs. Say goodbye to those boring brands, that do not offer more than a white or black basic garment because you don’t have more options on plus size underwear.

Our brand wants to get closer to our customers and offer a real image and real experiences of how our different designs can look on you. In this days where inclusion matters and we are embracing all kind of beauties we see the need to bring to everybody our great styles full of comfort, elegance, sexiness and over all unique looks to be wear in plus size bodies in a way were you can feel proud about your curves and show them as you should.




You can find the best Candyman pieces in XXL sizes, from boxers, boxer briefs, jockstraps and lingerie for men, you will have a wide range of options to choose from. Doesn’t matter the occasion or the activity you are making.

Lingerie for men.

If you love lace, mesh, or those transparent fabrics that add an extra for a sexy look, you will love our lingerie section, it’s full of delicate pieces with amazing details that allow you to take a wild and daring experience to the next level. The fabrics are so soft and smooth and you will have that “barely there” feeling, as if the garment is just another part of your body. You can feel comfortable and sensual at the same time, voluptuous bodies are the best, didn’t you hear?


Do you want to work out? We have outstanding jockstrap designs that will boost your back and enhance your figure at the same time that provide the right support that is needed for physical training at the gym, running, or wherever sports you like to practice. Our workout underwear includes a great variety of styles, fabrics, colors, patterns, some of them even with a really sexy touch.

Boxer Briefs.

When it comes to comfort, nothing as a boxer brief. This type of underwear holds the undercarriage in place without cutting off circulation to your legs like briefs sometimes can. Boxer briefs also allow for the comfort of a boxer without the potential issue of restriction found in old school boxers. They are simply the best of both worlds. Whether you’re headed into the office or to the gym, don’t forget your boxer briefs. They stretch when needed but don’t bunch up like regular boxers are known to do.


Your curves deserve to be shown, if you like to wear undergarments with minimal rear coverage, bikinis offer less than the other types of underwear, and they do a pretty good job of “enhancing” the goods. They also show quite a bit more thigh than regular boxers do so, the most important, they don’t dig or pinch thanks to our soft fibers, so we can be sure that if you want to use for a whole day, it will offer long comfort fit to your body.

As you can see, Candyman wants to bring you an extensive diversity to choose between the best styles, fabrics, colors, playful designs, so you don’t have to settle with the same boring plus size underwear. If you already wear any Candyman piece, you must know high quality and perfect fit are important to us. And in response to our customer requirements, we thought it is time to incorporate big sizes to our brand. They arrive and are here to stay! We will keep adding more and more to our collection, so we can be your first choice for the best men’s underwear doesn’t matter the size!

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  • Carl P Todd
    Oct 27, 2020 at 13:36

    Thank you so much for doing this finale I’m so impressed and can’t wait buy so much stuff 💋


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