Sizzling Styles and Fashion Forward Advice for Men


Getting busy on Valentine’s Night? You better! Let us check all the styles you can choose and go for on one of the busiest/romantic nights of the year. 

We just keep it real here, almost everybody loves to plan what to do on a special date, we like to prepare even little details, like light intensity, if we want to create a romantic atmosphere, candles are going to be the best choice. We love choosing the restaurant, the wine, the music, and of course, our outfit. Guess what is so important in a night like this… exactly! Underwear!  

So, depending on the kind of celebration, and of course personal taste, we can create different environments. Some can prefer the classic but chic style, others can go for something different, even trying something new, or dare to go farther as Faux Leather, or Latex, why not. You are in charge to choose the way you want to surprise that special one. So, let us look at some options you can have. 


KEEP IT Classic - Candyman

We hear it many times, and we agree: Less is more. Sometimes the best way is to keep it simple, chic, and classic. Underwear is not the exception. If you feel comfortable with this kind of garments, and you are planning a long night, including maybe a walk with your special one, the best way is to wear something that can keep everything in its place, providing support, and with soft fabrics so you do not have to worry for anything else. 

This style can include many designs, from briefs, boxer briefs, and trunks with lots of variations like prints, textures, colors, and patterns that will give you that extra touch to set a difference. These styles use clean, fine cuts, that are very flattering with all kinds of silhouettes, and body shapes, so you can feel confident enough to wear them and look elegant and sophisticated.  



Who does not want to rise the bet when planning a romantic date? And let me guess what the first choice is you think of… LACE! Among all the fabrics, this is the favorite to heat up the night. You can get a sexy, mysterious look with these garments. The soft and smooth touch of this material is great for the occasion while you are just showing some skin, in a very seductive way. 

Lace underwear is an exceedingly popular option nowadays and is increasing even more for special events like Valentine’s. Colors like red and black are the favorite ones but do not forget, options are limitless, from pink to purple or soft pastel colors, you can put your signature feeling sexy and attractive. An extra point, there are different styles like thongs, bikinis, G-strings, and of course, the classic styles mixed with this amazing fabric adding immediately lots of sensuality to your look.




Yes, there is a wild side inside each one of us! If you want to give a twist to your special night, there are now amazing possibilities to show off your figure with bold designs. Animal Print, sensual textures, and audacious styles mark the difference miles away from traditional cuts. 

If you like to show off lots of skin, then cock rings, cock socks, or jockstraps are going to adapt to that guilty pleasure. Most of these garments boost your figure and enhance your butt in the best way, giving you at the same time an overconfident air on your body. Fabrics and prints also play a main role here, adding softness or more eroticism if possible, to your look. 



Love to play rough? We know you do. For some, sex is more than an option on Valentine’s, is the cherry on the top and if you want to take it to a new level of pleasure, we have the right garments you need. 

If you are into BDSM, get on the ride and discover all the ranges of designs you can wear and get into the mood. If you love to show some skin, but in a not so revealing way, then a lace bodysuit is perfect for you, is kinky, is daring, and at the same time offers soft lines and fabrics that wrap your body in a great smooth sensation. This kind of pieces are great for lots of body types, is going to enhance your figure, but if you want to wear something more “aggressive” then a faux leather is perfect, or just a strappy bodysuit or Harness is a perfect choice, this way, you show more skin and inspire a sinful air.

Another amazing option is including costumes, we love the role-playing occasionally, and Valentines can be the perfect occasion to take a fantasy and make it real. Which one is better? You can pick between a hot bartender, a wild cowboy, a sexy police officer, or a hot pilot. It is your call; you have plenty of options here to reach your goal.



Some of us think even on the last detail, how can I make my outfit sexier? what to wear in the morning after? Do not worry, we are also prepared for that. The perfect complement for a sexy outfit from thongs to lace or even a bodysuit can be a sexy garter, or some of the accessories that are included in the costumes, like a tie, bowtie, or cuffs. Our kimonos and sexy robes or lace pants are also allowed to wear in the morning after, feeling warm and in the maximum comfort, but keeping the sexy look. 

So, do not wait until the last minute to order your Valentine’s special outfit, and remember that you can be as creative as you want. The limit is on your imagination and if you carefully plan that night, it will be a night to remember for a long time.

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