Hot lace underwear for men
Sizzling Styles and Fashion Forward Advice for Men


A brief guide to all the Lace Underwear Styles you can choose according your needs.

Those days with basic and boring underwear designs are behind. Fortunately for us, the market has been evolved enough to offer so many different styles for underwear.

Now we discover that men’s underwear doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun, romantic, stylish, and most of all, super comfortable depending on the activity or occasion we have on a specific day. Now days the web is flowed with so many styles, that we actually sometimes, don’t know what to choose!

Lace underwear can become easily one of your favorites, especially if you want to make a statement and take sexiness to the next level. Which one is better? Here we introduce you to the different types CandyMan Fashion brings to you.


Sexy men's lace briefs

This style is perfect for those who want to feel the right support, full coverage on the back, but adding this extra touch with lacey smooth fabric. Lace briefs will make you feel confident and comfortable, at the same time, you are ready for romance with the see-through delicate material. Is a very elegant way to show your assets but keeping it classy. Our high-quality fabrics also are quick-dry so you will stay fresh for as long as you use these pairs. Briefs are so classic that almost everybody has some pair in the drawer, lace improves these garments and you will acquire an exclusive piece of seduction to show off when you want. 



Bikinis are one of the most traditional men’s underwear styles of all time. They adjust perfectly for almost all body types and add length to your legs thanks to the clean high cuts on the sides. So we are not surprised that lace bikinis are so desired for everybody now. The freshness of the soft fabric, sum to the moderate coverage, are perfect elements to create a piece that is made for people that wants to reshape the rules of masculinity wearing this sexy apparel. 


Sexiest lace thongs for men

With minimum rear coverage, thongs are now one of the preferred men’s underwear styles. That barely-there feeling is so relaxing so you can use any clothes with no worrying for marks under your pants, at the same time you have the right support you need. Lace thongs created in this new Candyman’s collection, are so extremely hot you will want them all. The patters and cuts let you play with different options, no digging or pinching, just soft lace that slips over your silhouette and show off your figure in the best way possible 


Jockstraps are considered the most supportive and comfortable for high-performance activities. The rear straps and usually wide waistband offer all the right boost you need for sports, at the same time that you experiment a freedom feeling. Lace jockstraps are all that and more. The revealing cuts coupled with the eroticism of lace fabric can give a steaming hot look giving a wild twist to the conventional style, so you can use them for special occasions. This amazing Candyman collection brings lace jockstraps for men who dare to look so desirable and take it to a new limit when it comes to hot underwear 


Wrapping your body in lace is so sexy you cannot say no. The smooth touch against your skin will give you a warm feeling while you enhance your figure with delicate details that show off your body in a highly erotic way. Lace bodysuits are amazingly comfortable, and you will feel so secure and extra sensual you don’t want to take these off. With a perfect fitting like wearing a glove, you will want to expose your body in this slight clothes, Candyman’s materials will keep you fresh and cool while you wear a unique style.

Last but not least, our Candyman collection includes now Plus Size lace designs too, so if you are a big boy looking for a sexy look, we have it too. Check our collection here:
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