Candyman fashion Men’s Underwear combines the art of costume design with the art of sexy men’s underwear for a huge collection of styles that are meant to be seen. The most famous Candyman men’s underwear styles are the Candyman costume outfits that include policeman, fireman, superheroes and a few fun seasonal items as well. Candyman fabrics run the gamut, including see-through mesh, metallic fabrics, and even men’s lace underwear. In addition to the Candyman costumes, we also offer a wide selection of sexy men’s underwear styles, including boxer briefs, briefs, thongs, singlets and jockstraps, all designed to be truly unique. Check for availability in your size here: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

CandyMan Fashion Men's Underwear (12)

CandyMan 99383 Jock Briefs Color Royal Blue

$ 16.79$ 19.76

CandyMan 99367 Briefs Color Royal Blue

$ 18.06$ 21.25

CandyMan 99382 Jockstrap Color Royal Blue

$ 15.26$ 17.95

CandyMan 99335 Boxer Briefs Color Denim

$ 23.82$ 28.03

CandyMan 99328 Jockstrap Color Navy

$ 14.42$ 19.23

CandyMan 99360 Boxer Briefs Color Blue-Green

$ 24.35$ 28.64

CandyMan 99338 Thongs Color Denim

$ 16.34$ 19.23

CandyMan 99337 Briefs Color Denim

$ 21.95$ 25.83

CandyMan 99324 Briefs Color Navy

$ 20.08$ 23.63